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Meet the slow fade’s close cousin, ghosting

The date went well. We ate Japanese and drank ciders before I watched his band play and he smiled at me from the stage. At the end of the night he kissed me on the cheek and said we should do it again the following week. He texted me every day after, asking how my days were and sharing stories about his – and then he abruptly stopped replying mid-conversation, and never contacted me again.

As anyone who’s ever used the internet in a last-ditch attempt to fill their empty souls with a hollow imitation of intimacy would know, ghosting – a close relative of theslow fade – is when, after a date or hookup, one party suddenly ceases communication. When things seem to have gone well, words are exchanged about how you’d love to do it again (after bodily fluids may or may not have been exchanged) and you get ghosted. It kinda sucks.

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