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I’m not hangry about ethnic fusion food being splattered all over blogs – just angry

Fusion isn’t new, but in 2016, it’s reaching insufferable new heights.

We’ve got the phorrito (pho without broth is like a sushi donut without a hole). We’ve got a rainbow of bastardised hummus variations (honestly, do you just mean dip? I think you just mean dip). A place near my old house served ‘Viet-Mex’ cuisine, including rice paper rolls with refried beans and burritos with vermicelli. A friend once saw Caesar salad sushi on offer, complete with croutons and dressing. Cheeseburger gyoza, ramen burgers, Indian nachos, Greek yum cha…

Why is ethnic food so much “cooler” when presented in this Western context? Have you colonialists no shame?

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