Festivals & Events

  • Darebin Council Women in Leadership program keynote speaker, November 2017
  • National Young Writers’ Festival 2017: Petty Hates, Dating an Artist is the Worst Thing You Could Do, Group Chat
  • Melbourne Writers Festival 2017: The Book That Lived (Harry Potter Day), Feminism, Writing Your Life
  • Emerging Writers’ Festival 2017: Amazing Babes, Freelancing for Life, Looking for Alibrandi Movie Night, YouTube Party
  • Women of Letters, March 2017
  • Digital Writers’ Festival 2016: The Internet We Miss, Traversing the Print/Digital Divide
  • Melbourne Writers Festival/Feminist Writers Festival 2016: Feminism Online
  • National Young Writers’ Festival 2016: Bodily Functions, Confessional Writing, Health GothsSpeech Night
  • Cherchez La Femme, November 2016: Feminism and Sex
  • Cherchez La Femme, March 2016: Feminism and Journalism
  • LISTEN conference 2016: Gender and Language: New Ways in Music Journalism, Pros and Cons of Modern Call Out Culture
  • National Young Writers’ Festival 2015: It’s All In the Family, Women of Colour, Writing the Body
  • LISTEN conference 2015: The Audience Speaks, Intersections


Podcasts & Radio